NotVoIP Callback Connect

NotVoIP is pleased to introduce our first product to the market - NotVoIP Callback Connect! This service allows you to make calls from any phone to any phone internationally by using a method called 'callback'.

When you request to make a call either via our website or on our Android or iPhone app, NotVoIP will call you back on your phone number. When you answer, your call will be connected automatically.

Utilizing the callback method, NotVoIP is able to offer great rates and most importantly excellent call quality. It doesn't matter where in the world you are - your mobile, a local SIM in a far away country, or your office - NotVoIP can connect you to any phone in the world.

This service is perfect for:

  1. People who make international calls, where call quality is important.
  2. People who live in, or travel frequently to, places where internet access is not great and where internet calling isn't a good option for important calls.
  3. People who need to make international calls from anywhere at anytime. 

Click here to get started - it's free to get started and figure out if it's right for you.